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To prepare people to return to work after disability.
To empower clients to improve their functioning.
To promote workplace mental health & healthy living.
To assist employers to accommodate workers with disabilities.

Client-centred and collaborative
Oriented to worker role and workplace issues
Solution focused
Engagement in meaningful activity

June 2000

ERGO-Wise  launches its unique cognitive work hardening (CWH) program (bridge2work™) to the market in Ottawa 


Adeena showcases CWH through an article she published in the professional magazine of the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (Occupational Therapy Now, 2004)


Adeena is awarded the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists’ Innovative Practice Award


ERGO-Wise’s CWH program is rigorously studied by Adeena during her doctoral studies with research findings providing support for its effectiveness as a return-to-work (RTW) intervention


Adeena publishes a manuscript introducing CWH to the academic and clinical occupational therapy worlds (Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment & Rehabilitation, 2013)


Adeena publishes a manuscript presenting the theoretical underpinnings of CWH (BMC Health Services Research, 2014)


Adeena completes her doctoral thesis - “The effectiveness of cognitive work hardening in preparing people with depression to return to work” (Queen's University, 2015)


Adeena publishes a manuscript highlighting the quantitative findings of her doctoral research (Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 2018)

ERGO-Wise launches a Facebook page (@adeenaot) providing tips for healthy living with emphasis on mental health


Adeena publishes a manuscript highlighting the qualitative findings of her doctoral research (Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation, 2019)

Adeena is awarded the Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation (COTF) 2019 Marita Dyrbye Mental Health Award for activities that enhance the practice of occupational therapy in mental health


Adeena adapts her cognitive work hardening program (bridge2work™) for telepractice delivery in response to Covid-19

ERGO-Wise celebrates 20 years of providing occupational therapy services - in particular, cognitive work hardening - to the Ottawa and surrounding communities


Adeena expands her commitment to knowledge transfer by offering training to international occupational therapists on the CWH intervention


ERGO-Wise® name. logo, and tag line are officially registered in accordance with the Canadian Trademarks Act


Adeena collaborates with a colleague on the writing of a White Paper that discusses CWH as an effective claims tool within the disability insurance industry


Adeena kicks off the April 2024 OSOT Occupational Odyssey Campaign: Inspiring Journeys in OT by being the first OT to be highlighted in this series

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